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AMSOIL has developed the finest oil filter in the World! Think about this for a minute............ "Detroit" tells us that the dirt that does thSynthetic Oil, oil, synthetic, engine, motor oil, synthetic lubricants, amsoile most harm and causes the most wear in an engine is from 5 microns up to 20 microns in size (a human hair is about 100 microns). AMSOIL By-Pass Filters will filter oil to an amazing 1/10 of a micron. AMSOIL makes By-Pass Filters to fit almost any car or small truck. If you want easier access to your standard oil filter, the AMSOIL By-Pass filter to use in these applications is the Dual Remote By-Pass System.

All of the oil passes through the Conventional Filter and then a very small percent of the oil is "bled off" and it passes through the By-Pass Filter. The By-Pass Filter works on the idea of the swimming pool filter... it filters a small amount of the oil at any one time, however, in five minutes, at 45 mph, all of the oil will have gSynthetic Oil, oil, synthetic, engine, motor oil, synthetic lubricants, amsoilone through the By-Pass Filter. It's like a fresh oil change every 5 minutes .

A conventional oil filter filters out dirt particles down to about 20 microns. The AMSOIL Spin on oil filter filters out dirt to about 5 microns. If you use the AMSOIL By-Pass system, it will filter out dirt down to 1/10 of a micron. You will have tighter clearances and LONGER ENGINE LIFE! The AMSOIL BY-PASS SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO KEEP YOUR OIL ANALYTICALLY CLEAN AT ALL TIMES!!!


AMSOIL Dual By-Pass Filtration System

Click Here to see the installation of the Dual By-Pass Filter on a 1998 Honda Civic.

This system simply consists of an adapter that mounts where the normal spin-on oil filter mounts and then a bracket that, on one side holds the normal spin-on oil filter (white filter in picture) and the other side of that mount holds the "By-Pass Filter" (black in picture)The kit is then mounted in or around the engine compartment. If there is not enough room to mount it in the engine compartment, it can be mounted in a wheel well or in front of the radiator. Usually some place can be found to place the By-Pass Kit.Synthetic Oil, oil, synthetic, engine, motor oil, synthetic lubricants, amsoil

Synthetic Oil, oil, synthetic, engine, motor oil, synthetic lubricants, amsoil


AMSOIL By-Pass oil filter systems are designed for all types of applications! Even large capacity oil sumps can be filtered by the AMSOIL BY-PASS Filter System. AMSOIL Dual Remote By-Pass Systems in actual applications have been able to extend large over the road truck oil changes to as much as 200,000 miles or more! In farm applications where extreme dirt is a natural part of life, AMSOIL Dual Remote Filters can really extend the life of expensive Farm Engines. No matter how you look at it AMSOIL BY-PASS FILTER SYSTEM will save you money in many ways and a system can be set up for yoSynthetic Oil, oil, synthetic, engine, motor oil, synthetic lubricants, amsoilu!

"When we took this Chevrolet 396 engine apart (using AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40, Reusable Air Filter and By-Pass Oil Filter), it was in the best condition of any engine I have ever seen. It looked like it had about 80,000 miles on it instead of over 535,000. The bearings were not even worn to the brass and the rings were not worn out. It was clean inside, no sludge or carbon at all."     "K.A. Liberal, Kansas"


                                                    THE ULTIMATE OIL FILTER

by Mark DeSantis

Automotive experts agree that dirt is the number one cause of engine wear. At first glance, it does not seem possible. Engine dirt particles are so small - mere dust specks - and an engine is a highly sophisticated piece of machinery, crafted from the most durable metal alloys. How can these minute particles bring down such a high-tech giant? The answer lies in the fact that dirt particles are extremely abrasive. They consist of razor-like flakes of road dust and airborne grit drawn into the engine through the air intake, as well as  manufacturing scarf and wear metal particles generated inside the engine. These particles are carried by the oil into the precision clearances between bearings and other moving parts. Once they work in between these parts, they grind and gouge surfaces, altering clearances, and generating more abrasive debris. As this wear cycle continues, precision components become progressively sloppy and fatigued, until they fail altogether. In addition to physically assaulting engine components, dirt and other contaminants work to degrade the oil that provides vital engine lubrication. Sooty carbon particles generated during combustion can be forced past piston rings and into the oil. These particles by their very nature act like tiny sponges, absorbing critical additives, thus shortening oil life. Soot also wreaks havoc with viscosity by causing oil to thicken. And in the presence of moisture, common by-products of combustion will react chemically to produce corrosive and rust-producing acids. Because the typical spin on full-flow oil filter is designed directly in the line of oil circulation, it must filter oil quickly in order to keep from starving the engine of oil. This means that only the
larger particles of dirt can be filtered out of the oil since finer, slower filtration would cause a "bottleneck" in circulation at the filter. In cold weather, unfiltered oil is shunted pass the relief valve to keep up with engine demand.

Unfortunately, the smallest particles of dirt between 5 to 20- micron in size are also some of the most damaging inside an engine. Experiments show that over 60% of all engine wear is caused by particles too small to be filtered by commonplace oil filters. Standard spin on oil filters remove particles around 20 microns. A-C type filters are 17% efficient at 15 micron particle size. This means that particles below 20 microns still remain in circulation. These particles are small enough to enter the spaces between bearings, rings, etc., but are too large to "float" harmlessly between the metal surfaces in the film of oil. Instead, like a sharp pebble inside a shoe, the particles gouge and dig into the surfaces, leaving them slashed and battered. So what can be done? The answer is the simple addition of a spin on by-pass filter. Unlike a full-flow filter, a by-pass filter is situated outside the main line of oil circulation. The by-pass filter taps off the area where the main line is fitted with the oil pressure switch, bleeding off and cleaning only a portion of the oil at one time. This means the by-pass filter can retain the oil longer and do a thorough job of removing contaminants without the worry of obstructing oil circulation. Certain by-pass filters, such as those from AMSOIL Inc., can remove particles smaller than " 1 micron" and will even remove destructive water from the oil, helping to prevent rust and corrosion inside your engine. It will filter all the oil in a six quart system in about 5 minutes at an engine speed equivalent to 45mph.

By cleaning the oil so completely, by-pass oil filters increase not only engine life, but also the life of the oil itself. With by-pass oil filtration, the service life of the oil can be extended well beyond "normal" depending upon the quality of oil and the conditions and severity of use. When using a synthetic motor oil, 25,000 mile drain intervals are common place. I know this will alarm most of you but remember that the additive package in the oil is not depleted as fast, keeping the anti-oxidative and anti-wear additives intact. The 100% synthetic oil in my 375hp SS-396 is well over 2 years old, and well above 25,000 miles. Sounds a little crazy, but I guarantee you my oil is cleaner than someone who just changed their petroleum oil yesterday.

The AMSOIL spin-on by pass filter taps into the oil pressure sending unit by a T-fitting and oil is then returned to a valve cover or the oil pan. The oil circulates to a larger than standard size filter can loaded with a non paper type of filtration material. The by-pass filter also adds an extra quart of oil to the present capacity. While using by-pass oil filters, the best way to determine the serviceability of your motor oil is by having the oil analyzed. An oil analysis allows you to monitor the condition of your motor oil, determine its protective capabilities, and decide from this information whether an oil change is necessary. Most companies that offer oil analysis keep records of the metals used in manufacturing the engine block, pistons, valves and camshaft etc. By examining a spectrum of the metals in your oil, an oil analysis will tell you what parts are wearing away first. This technique is quite popular in the heavy trucking industries.

Help reduce our dependency on foreign oil! Use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil.


 AMSOIL gives a 5% increase in fuel economy on average, and in some cases 20% and even more! Why use ordinary oils when our superior AMSOIL synthetic oils outperform all others? AMSOIL Synthetic Oil is USA made. AMSOIL Synthetic Oil achieves superior lubrication, extends engine life by reducing friction and wear and creates more horsepower. 
Find out how AMSOIL can increase your fuel economy!

"AMSOIL Syntheitc Oil is the Best Lubricant made, the Standard by which all others are judged."...Bobby Unser, 3-time Indy 500 Winner, 35 overall Indy Car wins, and 13-time Pikes Peak Hill Climb Winner.

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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil will save you money. Industry testing shows fuel economy increases of 5% and more using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Other benefits include lower emissions, reduced engine wear, fewer repairs, and an engine that lasts longer. Less friction in the engine from AMSOIL Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle these benefits.

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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil will save you money. Industry testing shows fuel economy increases of 5% and more using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Other benefits include lower emissions, reduced engine wear, fewer repairs, and an engine that lasts longer. Less friction in the engine from AMSOIL Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle these benefits.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil will save you money. Industry testing shows fuel economy increases of 5% and more using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Other benefits include lower emissions, reduced engine wear, fewer repairs, and an engine that lasts longer. Less friction in the engine from AMSOIL Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle these benefits.



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