Network Marketing Thoughly Explained

Network Marketing, 'MLM', and Multi Level Marketing are all terms that refer to the same type of BUSINESS MODEL. While many close-minded people outside the industry (and others who've tried it and failed), have biased or negative wrong impressions, and despite the fact that it is used and abused by many crooks and con-artists, this business model has EXCEPTIONAL performance potential.

There are bad apples in every bunch, and this industry has more than it's share. But it can produce outstanding results if you know how to find the RIGHT company. AMSOIL, an exceptional company. And to MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL, there are a few simple concepts whose understanding is critical to your success.

The Three Pillars of Success in Network Marketing are:

1) Residual Income
2) Leverage (of Time and Money)
3) Duplicability or Geometric Growth

Unlike franchises or conventional businesses, Network Marketing, MLM, and Multilevel Marketing are the only business models that take advantage of ALL THREE of the important, yet misunderstood principles of:

Passive Residual Income - Leverage - and Geometric Growth.

And the COMBINATION of all three of these elements is what gives the Network Marketing business model it's synergy and exceptional performance potential. In fact one outstanding company I'm aware of has actually built DESIGNED SYNERGY into their business model.

No other business I'm aware of takes advantage of ALL THREE of those powerful forces with a MINIMAL investment of time and money!
Whether it's a franchise or conventional business, both require MAJOR INVESTMENTS of time and money, and SPECIAL SKILLS if you hope to be really successful. Even the relatively small percentage who achieve TRUE SUCCESS usually take YEARS just to break even.

On the other hand, with the advent and popularity of the Internet and the rampant quest to "Get Rich Quick for Doing Nothing", many people have gotten all excited about affiliate, associate, referral, or co-op programs as they are sometimes called. But very few of the THOUSANDS of these being promoted have any REAL CHANCE of making any SIGNIFICANT money for the vast majority of people who get involved.

A perfect example is an email I recently received from one of these programs who claim to be 'the best'. They BRAGGED that they were paying "OVER $400,000 in commissions each month!" and have "now grown to OVER 650,000 AFFILIATES!"

Those are interesting statistics some might get excited about. Let's see... IF they're true... They're paying an 'average' of $.61 per affiliate... That's sixty one CENTS! WOW! How would you like to retire on that?!

They claim later in their letter that some are making $10,000 a month. If that's true, then to come up with an 'average' of sixty one cents each, the vast majority have to be making ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


1) Take the time to UNDERSTAND these three critical principles -- PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME - LEVERAGE - GEOMETRIC GROWTH


2) LEARN TO ASK THREE SIMPLE QUESTIONS! -- so you can teach what you know to others.

If you're even moderately successful in networking, you undoubtedly understand and believe in the three principles above. If you haven't yet had the success you desire, you may not completely understand these principles, or how to get them across to others. Highly successful networkers have learned how to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, then help others understand and take advantage of these important and powerful concepts.

Unfortunately these principles are not well understood by the majority of the population. And that's just one reason why so many fail at network marketing. There are lots of other reasons, and it would take a book to cover them all. But this is one of the more common ones. Because if you don't understand or believe in these principles, it's impossible to help others fully comprehend and appreciate them.

Let's face it, our educational system trains (or brainwashes) us to be CONFORMISTS, to do what others tell us to do, and to prepare for a JOB, not an entrepreneurial business opportunity. So those of us who crave our independence and FREEDOM, head in that direction in spite of our education, rarely because of it.

And even though many people claim they'd like to be their own boss or own their own business, only a small percentage of the population possess the necessary desire for success to risk stepping out of their 'comfort zones' to pursue their dreams.

Most people are afraid of failure, and for them it may be better and easier to live life in a rut. Others are satisfied or even happy with their jobs, incomes, or lifestyles, and that's great for them. But if you're one of millions who yearn for more FREEDOM and control in your life, you must understand the following three principles to achieve True Success in Network Marketing.

Residual income is recurring income that continues to come to you long after the work you've done to produce it has ended. There are lots of ways to produce residual income. But many people don't understand it. Others have never thought about or been exposed to it. And unfortunately, many ways of producing it are out of reach for 'average' people.

Successful authors, actors, musicians, and insurance agents are some of the more familiar avocations that produce residual income. Probably the simplest and best example of PASSIVE residual income is INTEREST earned on money in the bank or other investments. It gets paid or credited to you without you having to invest any more time to produce it.

Using the "VIRTUAL MILLIONAIRE" concept I will explain below, if you had a MILLION DOLLARS in the bank earning 6% interest, that would produce about $60,000 of annual income (before taxes). So if you have any source of PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME producing $60,000 or more a year, you are a "VIRTUAL MILLIONAIRE".

And with the RIGHT business, that can be much easier to accomplish than trying to overcome all the roadblocks to accumulating a million dollars in the bank. Instead of UNCLE SAM fighting you all the way (taxing all your income), he actually becomes an active partner by giving you all kinds of tax breaks and incentives to succeed.

There are only two sources of money:


The simple goal of Retirement & Financial Planning is to make sure you accumulate enough money (or income producing assets), so that when you decide or are forced to retire, it will produce enough PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME for you to enjoy the lifestyle you choose for as long as you live.
The same concept holds true in Network Marketing. But Leverage, and Duplication or Geometric Progression, can help you build it much faster in the RIGHT Network Marketing program.

One of the first questions I often asks prospects is:

"If you had the choice of doing a job and earning $500 once, or getting paid $100/mo for the rest of your life, which would you choose?"

You'd be surprised at how many answer $500! These people either, 1) are not good prospects or, 2) need some education. That question is one quick and simple way to pre-qualify people. Those who don't understand that principle may never achieve their true potential.

Obviously $100/mo. will surpass a 'one time' $500 relatively quickly. And if it lasts for a few years, or better yet - the rest of your life - it will really be a blessing. Producing enough passive residual income can make you a VIRTUAL MILLIONAIRE in a relatively short time, compared to working for someone else and scrimping and saving for 30 - 40 years.

A VIRTUAL MILLIONAIRE is someone who has enough money coming in every month, WHETHER THEY WORK OR NOT, to support the lifestyle THEY CHOOSE, for as long as they live. It's also nice to have something SIGNIFICANT to pass on to your heirs or favorite charity.

But like everything else in life, even residual income has a downside. The biggest one is, just like compound interest or geometric progression, it normally takes a little time for the magic to start working. The POWER and BEAUTY of residual income is on the back-end, not the front!

Many people have a hard time understanding this FACT and mistakenly chase false promises of quick or easy money. That's why there will always be crooks and con artists in the world pitching "get rich quick and easy". Successful people ignore them. Naive or greedy people usually get burned.

Residual income is NOT about "get rich quick", even though with the right opportunity it's possible to produce a small fortune in a relatively short time.

If you're especially talented or have the time and money to invest, you may have some success in less than a year. And many people do. But without a major investment of time or money it takes most 'typical' people a year or two of part time work to generate a decent income, and another year or two to really hit the big time. But achieving success with 2 - 4 years of part-time effort beats the widely accepted 'standard' plan of slaving 20 - 40 years working for someone else to make them wealthy!

Most people who fail at network marketing either choose the wrong company or just give up too soon and quit because they expect INSTANT results. But because the real beauty of residual income is on the back end, not the front, once you build it you have the financial security and TIME FREEDOM to do anything you want the rest of your life!

The RIGHT network marketing opportunity allows anyone, with no prior experience, special skills, or large capital outlay, to build LONG TERM, passive residual income.

A critical component to building LONG TERM residual income is offering high quality, high demand, value-priced, 'consumable' products or services that people use and re-order month after month.

Because of this simple FACT, the top industry in Network Marketing by any measurable standard is Synthetic Car Products and Nutritional Supplements and Personal Care products. AMSOIL is on the cutting edge of two out of three. Some people refuse to consider this industry because they don't worry about their lubrication and they don't take supplements themselves or don't understand the 'Big Picture' and successful business model of this industry.

Do you think Burger King and McDonald franchise owners invest hundreds of thousands of dollars because they like to eat fast food burgers? Not hardly! They understand human nature and TRENDS in society. We're a convenience oriented society, and a large part of the population would rather eat low cost convenience food, even if we know it's not good for us.

But there's also a BOOMING TREND toward making our expensive vehicles last longer, improving gas milage and performance. Improving your health, improving your life and developing personal and time FREEDOM. Many 'opportunity seekers' completely miss or ignore these TRENDS in society. If your business is in FRONT of multiple long term TRENDS, you dramatically increase your chances for success. AMSOIL is a company that offers products that are at the very beginning of a "HOT" 20-30 year TREND.

I'm not saying it's not important to believe in and use your own products, because it is! But for TRUE SUCCESS you have to recognize major TRENDS in society, and your products or opportunity must meet ALL the highlighted criteria above - high quality, high demand, value-priced, and 'consumable'. (And in this case, 'consumable' does not necessarily mean just 'edible'. It means used and/or re-ordered on a regular basis.)

And with the RIGHT business the rewards can be much more than just financial! It's hard to put a price tag on the goose bumps you feel or tears that come to your eyes sometimes when someone thanks you profusely for introducing them to a product that has had a major impact on their health, their life, or their financial situation.
Unfortunately some people never grasp the importance of this additional benefit. Most GOOD people want to feel they are doing something worthwhile with their life. And it's not just about making money, even though many narrow-minded or greedy people will try to convince you it is. It's also about helping others. And doing BOTH, can make the RIGHT business DOUBLY rewarding!

But your business also has to have PROFIT POTENTIAL. Some 'price-based' products or services have lots of competition and limited profit potential. If you choose a business like that you have to do a lot more volume and it's hard to build loyalty, which is an important element in producing long term passive residual income.


Every successful person or business (in or out of Network Marketing) takes advantage of leverage. There's only 24 hours in a day! And no matter how talented you are or how much you get paid per hour, if you don't take advantage of leverage you're limited by the number of hours in a day. By learning to leverage your time, you can also benefit from a percentage of other people's efforts, and dramatically increase your income and FREEDOM.

If you're reading this article on the Internet (on my website or someone else's), or in a magazine, that's one simple example of leverage. I don't have to be physically present to teach you something. I may be sleeping, or vacationing on the other side of the world while you are learning or sharing this information.

Unfortunately in most traditional businesses, the only ones who benefit from leverage are the owners or stockholders. The loyal, hard-working employees do most of the work. The unique and wonderful thing about the Network Marketing business model, is that everyone has the same opportunity to become the 'owner' of their own business - with a fraction of the investment of time and money of a traditional business or franchise.

And instead of worrying about training people to become your competitors, in network marketing the people at the top have a vested interest in HELPING others on their TEAM succeed.

Again, the question I ask prospects here is:

"If you had the choice to receive 100% of one person's efforts, or 5% of 100 peoples', which would you choose?"

And again, if they answer 100%, either: 1) they're not a good prospect or, 2) they need a remedial math class or additional education.
Many talented people would rather just depend on themselves, and have difficulty grasping the importance of this concept.

Obviously 100% of ONE is always only ONE. But 5% of 100 is FIVE. THAT'S A 500% INCREASE and is SIGNIFICANT! And with SYNERGY, sometimes it can be even more!

Not only will the total result with leverage almost always be A LOT MORE, but your income is not dependent on only one person. If it is, and that person gets sick or injured, disabled, dies, quits working, or decides to go on a long vacation, your income could stop!

But if your income is produced by the activities of many, it is much more dependable. Even if something unexpected or negative happens to one or more of those people, it only has a minor effect on the TOTAL production. That's what allows people who understand and take advantage of this to LIVE THE LIFESTYLE THEY CHOOSE or get paid while on extended vacations.

It's great to get paid while you're on vacation or doing other things you love! That's one of the many advantages of leveraging your TIME, and is just one of many reasons so many high income professionals from all walks of life are flocking to get involved in Network Marketing.

Many professionals who make great incomes, get frustrated at the 'bottom line' after putting in long hours just to cover overhead and miscellaneous expenses. No matter how much you earn per hour, if you don't learn to leverage your time, your earnings will always be limited by the number of hours you can work in a day. And nobody wants to work 24 hours! But even with a small network marketing organization, you can produce EQUIVALENT RESULTS to working 24 hours a day, with a FRACTION of the individual effort.

Learning to leverage your time (and money) is an important step toward gaining Financial Independence and Time FREEDOM.


The best illustration I've seen of geometric growth is the penny-a-day example. It's also frequently used to illustrate the benefits of tax free compound interest.
If you start with one penny, and double it every day 30 days, how much will you have at the end of 30 days?

If you haven't heard this before or don't remember, go ahead and take a guess. Day two you'd have 2 cents; day three you'd have 4 cents, then 8, 16, and so on. How much at the end of 30 days?

I've never had anyone who hadn't heard this before come close. So don't feel bad if you don't, and I promise not to laugh. Ready? Did you pick a number?
Would you believe over FIVE MILLION DOLLARS?! ($5,368,708 to be exact!) That's right! Most people don't believe it until they punch it out on a calculator. And even then it's sometimes hard to fathom. But it's true. Isn't that amazing?

That's a simple illustration of how networking can work. If I can teach you, I've doubled myself. If we each teach someone else, we've doubled again. And as this goes on and on it can produce amazing results in a relatively short period of time, just like the penny example.

The easier your program is to do and the lower the cost to get involved, the more people you can appeal to and the more potential for geometric progression to work. Programs that are too complicated or expensive for 'average' people to do will always hinder your growth.

Great salespeople can succeed at almost anything they apply themselves to. But not many people have the talents, skills, or desire to be great salespeople.


The Network Marking business model is about a lot of average people doing a little, not a few talented people doing a lot.

While lower cost of entry can be an advantage, many programs that are 'free', don't offer any real potential for significant income, and often attract people who aren't willing to work to build their business. So REALISTIC INCOME PRODUCING POWER is an important area to consider.

Joining a 'downline club' or any other program that promises any variation of - "we'll do everything for you" - will never produce significant LONG TERM passive residual income, because the majority of people who join are looking for a free ride or are too lazy to build anything significant. None of these programs have ever worked long term and none ever will. It's a simple fact of life successful networkers accept early on.

The penny a day example is a great model for illustration, but in 'real life' it never works exactly like that. Some people never recruit anyone, and others find 10 - 20 - 30 or more. It helps to understand human nature, and an IMPORTANT, but little known reality called REVERSE GEOMETRIC GROWTH.

Despite the fact it rarely works in reality like it's illustrated on paper, the principle of GEOMETRIC GROWTH is still one of the THREE PILLARS TO SUCCESS with the RIGHT Network Marketing Business Opportunity. With the RIGHT business and these POWERFUL PRINCIPLES, even average people who are willing to work and to learn can achieve their dreams. And above average people may exceed their greatest expectations.

If you can UNDERSTAND and BELIEVE IN those three principles, and find the RIGHT company, you will succeed in Network Marketing. If you're willing to TEACH these THREE principles to a few others, the results might just amaze you!

The beauty of Network Marketing is that you can get started with very little investment of time or money, and no major changes in your present lifestyle. Eventually, passive residual income can give you the FREEDOM to live the lifestyle YOU CHOOSE, and pursue and enjoy your dreams - whatever they are!

I read somewhere that, "according to IRS statistics, in 1984 20% of NEW millionaires came from Network Marketing. By 1994 it was 50%. It's predicted that by 2004, 70 - 80% of NEW millionaires will come from the booming Network Marketing industry." I don't really believe those statistics. But no matter what the percentages are, certainly many new millionaires are created every year in the Network Marketing industry.

Many positive CHANGES have been made in the industry, and several simultaneous MEGA-TRENDS help make this the best time ever to get involved! The time to start is NOW! But it's important to pick the RIGHT company and industry!


1) The IMPORTANCE of 'CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS' ... 2) The REASONS for the popularity of the Synthetic Oil Industry and it's potential growth over the next twenty years... 3) The importance of high quality, high demand, value-priced products...


Successful Network Marketing offers many benefits: Passive Residual Income - No Boss - No Commute - No Dress Code - Income Tax Reduction - More TIME for kids, family, hobbies, or whatever is important to you - Above Average Income - and much more.

If I had to sum it up in one word it would be FREEDOM! - Freedom to work as much or as little as you want, to come and go as you please, and to spend more time doing whatever is important to you. Once you experience this FREEDOM, you'll wonder how you ever lived any other way!

There's no free lunch though. It's like riding a bike. If I asked, "Would you rather ride a bike uphill or downhill?" most normal people would say, "down." But in order to coast down the hill, you first have to ride your bike up. Once you start, you may find yourself enjoying the exercise and additional benefits of improving your strength, endurance, and health. The same is true in this business. You have to 'climb the hill' (learn the business) before you can 'coast'. Many people learn to enjoy the process of becoming better people, helping others, and improving much more than just the financial part of their lives.

There are many routes to the top of the hill. Some people choose to take a gradual incline and may take a little longer to get there. Others prefer the direct route, and choose to pedal directly up the steepest side. The beauty is, the choice is yours. We can show you the routes, and you decide what's best for you. We'll be there to encourage and guide you every inch of the way.

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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil will save you money. Industry testing shows fuel economy increases of 5% and more using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Other benefits include lower emissions, reduced engine wear, fewer repairs, and an engine that lasts longer. Less friction in the engine from AMSOIL Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle these benefits.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil will save you money. Industry testing shows fuel economy increases of 5% and more using AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Other benefits include lower emissions, reduced engine wear, fewer repairs, and an engine that lasts longer. Less friction in the engine from AMSOIL Synthetic Oil gives your vehicle these benefits.



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